dosing devices, valves
and high-pressure

is a inovative company, highly adaptable to changing market conditions, having it’s own production and product – dosing pump and dosing unit systems.

Development, design and construction of equipment for the process, pharmaceutical, food and oil industries.

Production of dosing pump units (piston type with electric or pneumatic drive) and associated fittings, production of dosing devices, production and design of dosing stations, production of valves (safety, needle, manometer).

Installation, maintenance and service of dosing pump units as well as associated fittings.

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About us

DUWAR d.o.o. was launched in year 2000 as a successor of the company RAPID Koprivnica, founded back in 1967. Based on long-term experience, the company operates with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing equipment for all types of process, pharmaceutical, food and oil industries. 

DUWAR d.o.o. currently employs 18 employees, who with their flexibility and competence continuously initiate the development of new products and offer creative solutions. With full technical equipment, capacity of 42,000 production hours, it is equipped with the necessary measuring tools and devices as well as its own test station. 

Achieving the highest standards of the profession in the implementation and documentation of projects is the foundation of our development and future, and a guarantee of satisfaction of each of our customer, supplier, business partner and employee. 

The vision of the company

The company’s long-term vision is focused on expanding into new markets and creating new products and services. In addition, the company’s vision is also focused on contributing to the improvement and introduction of innovative solutions in the process, pharmaceutical, food and oil industries in order to achieve the highest possible product quality and increase the efficiency of the production processes. 

With our style and way of working, we enable our customer to always be satisfied, because in addition to the guaranteed quality and reasonable price of the product, the company also offers support in servicing of all its devices. Special attention is paid to respecting delivery deadlines and nurturing trust between the company and the supplier in the form of timely payment.